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Want to take your furever friend home?

A few questions to ask yourself first..

Will a cat fit into my lifestyle? Planning for a pets care can be a lot of work. An impromptu outing or vacation takes planning for your pets care and wellbeing.

What will my other pets think? Sometimes pets like to be only animals, and that's ok! Keep your current pets wellbeing in mind before bringing home another pet.

Can I afford it? Adoption fees, food, accessories, & wellness care are just a few things to consider in the total cost it takes to care for your pet.

Do I have any allergies? It's a good idea to consult with your primary doctor if you think you may have any allergies. They may be able to help decide what breed of animal is best for you.

Can I make a 10+ year commitment today? Cats often live to be in their twenties. Where do you see yourself at that time? Will you still be able to care for your pet like you can now?

If answering any of the questions makes you doubt your decision to adopt, we recommend waiting to go though the process. In the meantime, consider volunteering at a local shelter or apply to foster!

If you're still interested in adopting one of the cats at the Cafe, we require you to book a reservation in our Den. This helps to ensure you find the purfect match for you and your family. We can then help you fill out an adoption application right at the Cafe. All of our adoptions must be approved by S.O.A.R prior to any cats leaving the Den. S.O.A.R reserves the right to accept or deny any application.

Please note, you must be 18 or older to adopt.

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