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We're Kim & Ron.

We look forward to providing a stress free environment for our foster cats at Coal Cats Cafe. Every effort helps to open more space in over crowded shelters.

Kim has always been a total cat purr-son. In 2011 Kim's daughter took her on a surprise 100+ miles and 3+ hours round trip to adopt a Himalayan/Maine Coon. Can you guess what his name is? Myles became such a big part of Kim's every day life, that he would even go to work with her every day! Over the years, Kim and Ron have taken in countless kittens and cats. Sierra, Baby, Dark Rye, Fluffer, KitKat, Coal, and Dale are just a few to name.

Finding and providing homes for so many of the cats over the years gave them the greatest idea.. you guessed it.

A Cat Cafe!

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