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Cat Cafe Q&A

You have questions, and we have answers!

What is Coal Cats Cafe?

We are a cafe with local adoptable cats. Come hang out in our Den with a cup of coffee & up to 12 cats who are currently looking for their furever home.

Can I adopt a cat from the Cafe?
Of course you can! Our #1 goal in opening Coal Cats Cafe is to find loving homes for as many cats as we can. You can find a list of available kittens and cats at the Cafe HERE, or all of the kittens and cats that are available for adoption at S.O.A.R HERE. An application must be completed prior to any adoption, and adoptions must be approved through S.O.A.R before your forever friend can go home with you. S.O.A.R reserves the right to accept or deny any application.

Do I need a reservation to visit?
Reservations are not mandatory to visit the Cafe; However we strongly suggest a reservation to guarantee that your visit will include time in the cat den. If you'd like to book a visit, you can do that online HERE or you can call the Cafe at (570)710-4095 to schedule. If you would like to just visit the Cafe and not enter the Den, no reservation is required.

How old do I have to be?
Anyone can enter the Cafe. Children ages 9 and older may enter the Cat Den with an accompanying adult.

What kind of food and drinks are available at the Cafe?

We have a variety of coffee and small packaged snacks available for purchase. No outside food or drinks are permitted inside the Cafe

Can I bring my own cat to hangout at the Cafe?
Unfortunately, no. There's already plenty of cats to cuddle with at the Cafe. As much as we would love to meet your cat, we wouldn't want our kitties to get jealous. Don't tell the cats at the Cafe, but we love seeing pictures of your fur babies at home!

Can you take in a cat I found, or a cat that needs to be rehomed?

We cant' take any cats in directly to the Cafe, but we will do our best to help you find the right contact information for someone who can! We primarily work with S.O.A.R, which is our direct partner who we're confident can help. They carefully evaluate each cat before coming to the Cafe. This ensures they are a good fit for this kind of environment & does not allow for the introduction of sickness.

Where are all the cats from, and where do they go at night?
All cats at Coal Cats Cafe come straight from S.O.A.R. Our Cafe acts as a foster home until a forever home is found. This means none of them are caged, and they get to roam around the Den at the Cafe during the quiet hours. Most of the time you can find them sleeping in the window or on a comfy chair.

Are you hiring? How can I help?

Currently, we aren't hiring at Coal Cats Cafe. You can support our local rescue and fill out a volunteer application by contacting S.O.A.R.
Come again soon, and bring a friend with you the next time you stop in. You never know when someone might find the purfect match!

You can also find our Amazon wish list here if you'd like to donate specific items to Coal Cats Cafe:

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